Our mission is to encourage and support sustainable development and innovation in the Monterey Bay tri-county region. We help develop new, innovative businesses, and connect them to our regional networks in support of a highly collaborative, integrated region with shared identity as the global showcase for clean, green, and sustainable solutions and current and future best practices in sustainable agriculture, tourism, lifestyle, and technology. Our model of sustainable development and innovation will attract business and pleasure visitors from around the world to see how we grow a thriving economy sustainably, dealing with challenging issues in the management of water, energy, transportation and more, while protecting our sensitive environment and the natural beauty we all enjoy.
MBSF is “inclusive” rather than “exclusive” in that we seek to promote anything that anyone is doing in the direction of sustainability. We do not seek to exclude businesses that don’t yet cross a bar or requirements, but instead to help them move in that direction. We are also firmly committed to consensus-building and “neutrality” rather than “polarization”. It is our goal to connect with parties on all sides of issues with the goal of identifying any possible common ground to build on. The position that we advocate for with any issue in the region is the application of sustainable solutions with triple bottom line benefits that are good for people, planet, and profits.
MBSF is a network of green, sustainable, and sustainability-related new business ventures, and sustainability-minded investors and donors that recognize the value and competitive advantages of our region. We are committed to a course of sustainable development and innovation that will protect and provide benefit to the economic vitality, the natural resources, and the people of the region. MBSF is a permanent member of Joint Venture Monterey Bay and connects its regional networks and initiative with external complimentary partners and funding sources.
MBIF develops and promotes new sustainability-related business throughout the Monterey Bay tri-county region. We provide opportunities for sustainability-minded investors to support the development of new sustainability-related businesses. We support JVMB sustainable development initiatives to address regional needs. We provide opportunities to leverage local business expansion through regional collaboration.
MBSF seeks out and identifies sustainability-related businesses and investors throughout the Monterey Bay tri-county region to add to our network. We help new businesses to become “investor-ready” and identify opportunities for synergy and leverage between them. We have a presence in all three counties where we help businesses to develop sustainably, to obtain funding, and to partner with complimentary businesses. We provide co-marketing and cross-marketing opportunities and work to raise awareness of, and participation in the developing sustainable economy in our region. MBSF reaches out to partner with Silicon Valley and other regions in the state to connect them to opportunities in our region.